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When Idea Chíc launched in 2009 we already had a history with many years designing and printing custom wedding invitations. Julie was living her dream but there was more to do.

Part of our transition was starting to sell what was already made in the past for brides but package for eCommerce sales. Etsy was a natural fit for the creative and personalized so she opened an Etsy shop in 2009. We needed a new name that could be developed into a brand, something larger than Julie. Born was Idea Chíc. So many words describing her work from past clients broke down to these two words. Our online shop was really like a productized version of the past custom work. Our favors, starting with ''Love is Brewing'' Tea Favors and expanding to ''A Baby Is Brewing'' favors and Mulling Spice for the fall and winter kept us busy year after year. As a matter of fact busy enough to delay our desire to create full lines of cards and gifts. 

Our first completed collection of cards and gifts was Christmas. We designed and made Christmas cards, gift tags and a handful of small handmade gifts. We started here with desire to participate in the Junior League of Denver Holiday Mart. It was a great event we attended as customers and were excited to introduce Idea Chíc to the ladies of Junior League. We booked our booth before having enough product to stock the booth. The pressure to have a great offering and booth design was exactly why we committed! We have close relationships with many ladies from those first few years. They watched our product line grow and buy from us regularly; we love them dearly!

We kept adding product to Etsy until we had over 300 listings. In 2014 Etsy launched a new marketplace called Etsy Wholesale and Idea Chíc was included early as part of a beta group. It was a good fit and exciting because Idea Chíc would get requests from retailers on the regular marketplace. This was also exciting because of the next level of self induced pressure to add products and solidify actual product lines. We had early success including retailers and stationery stores like the iconic Kate's Paperie in SoHo NY. The opening order and reorders were validation to our young business. Kate's Paperie has since closed after years struggling to survive in the new world of retail. This blog will post about the demise of places like Kate's Paperie and other findings from the maker to the boutique. During this same time we actually hired a sales rep and her small regional business to take on Idea Chíc. We were not ready but as a follow up to a generous referral from a Denver based boutique who bought Idea Chíc via Etsy Wholesale, we thought we would see where it could go. The sales rep met with us and was eager to rep Idea Chíc without a formal catalog or even completed greeting card lines. We had early success with her because of our Valentine's collection, desk calendars and letterpress stationery. We did however agree to hit pause. Julie and I needed to create more product for a sales rep to be truly successful. So we worked hard to make the transition. 

The closure of Etsy Wholesale in July 2018 inspired us to formally open this dedicated wholesale shopping site for Idea Chíc cards and gifts. This move has also inspired us to complete our catalog so we can create a successful opportunity for regional sales reps / card and gift brokers. As we launch this site Idea Chíc can be found in stores representing 27 states and Canada. We are not new to wholesale by any means but are excited to expand into great boutiques, shops and unique retail near you!     

Interested in selling Idea Chíc in your brick and mortar store, subscription box, online store or a card and gifts rep? We would love to hear from you!

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